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    Medicare - Private Health Details

    If the patient is your child & you would like the claim submitted to Medicare please provide your details

    Workers Compensation

    Informed Financial Consent

    Please read and sign (to be signed by parent or guardian if patient under 18 years):

    • Permission is given to release the medical history to the family doctor, treating specialist and insurance company. Under Australian Law, Privacy Act 1988, patient information will not be released to other third parties (except the above mentioned) without patient written consent. For further information please refer to Privacy Act 1988 at www.comlaw.gov.au

    • Information may be used for quality assurance, research & teaching but will not disclose personal identification.

    • Please be aware that any outstanding amounts requiring debt recovery will incur debt recovery fees and any legal costs involved.

    Medical History


    i-Med RadiologyLumus ImagingSouth West RadiologySouth East RadiologyOran Park RadiologyHarbour ImagingXplore RadiologyPRP ImagingSpectrumNoneOther

    AsthmaDifficulties with anaestheticHypertensionEpilepsyHigh Blood pressureCancerDiabetesDepressionStrokeBleeding disorderNone

    AspirinCartiaWarfarinPlavixEliquisFish OilGlucosamineNoneOther



    I have carefully read the above and certify that information I have given is correct to the best of my ability.

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